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I'm still loving youuuu

song : i'm still loving youuuu
lyric by : An.Ti.Me and BBC

every morning I see your picture
listen to the song that u love to hear
I keep thinking
how to get u back

but I know
I know that you are not mine now
every single second I counting
to forget
to forget all those the memories
of u.. huu huuu huu huuu huuu huuuuuu wow wow wow

but I cant
coz only u in my heart
and coz only u in my mind
sometimes I know
how stupid I am
but I doesn’t care
and still loving u

why you doesn’t care about me now
how cruel are u
u let me cry in my heart
u let me crazy of u
u make me sad on my happy day
I hate it
I hate u damn so much

although I keep thinking like that
I still cant stop all those the memories
of you
Rewinding itself in my mind

it is really hurt me when i get know
u dating with some other guy

hmm I keep lying myself
keep lying myself
2 stop thinking of u

but I know
I don’t have spirit in myself
to forget u ho hooo

why should be like this
why I’m suffering all this bcoz of you
I had to turn it all
To stand up and go on
And get back as usual life
Of me

But I still hoping
That u give me a chance
A chance 2 change the past
more chance
2 love you
coz i cant stop from loving u

I hate it I hate it so muucccchhhhh…

amacam lyric nie??ok x??

lirik nie..diciptakan khas selepas de arr sowg hamba allah 2 an..dier ngah dlm kekalutan jiwe..hehe..so sad..hamba yg turut bersimpati..hehehe..
actually bbc juz jd co-lyric je..x byk pown mnyumbang kt lirik nie..tp boley larr..hehe..

to ol comment2 my lyric nie ek..
really need ur opinion..

..bulan bintang capricorn..

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